Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads Economy Packs Size 11/0 Assorted Colors 9.08 gms per package 12 Colors


Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads Economy Packs 12 Assorted Colors

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Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads Economy Packs – 1 each of 24 Packages/24 Colors

Mill Hill seed beads are small beads that are almost round in shape. Unless otherwise noted, all beads in this listing are size 11/0, 2.2mm across. They come in 9.08-gram packages, approximately 950 beads per package at an amazing price!

These are used for cross-stitch, embroidery, jewelry, macrame, and similar crafts. Mill Hill beads are known for their high quality, consistency, and wide range of colors. You will receive one economy pack of each color.

Colors included are:
02020 Royal Blue
02081 Jet
20123 Cream
20145 Pink
20161 Crystal
20167 Christmas Green
20252 Iris
20332 Emerald
20367 Garnet
20374 Rainbow
20479 White
20553 Old Rose
20557 Gold
20561 Ice Green
22005 Dusty Rose
22009 Ice Lilac
22010 Ice
22011 Victorian Gold
22013 Red Red
22014 Black
22019 Crystal Honey
22020 Creme de Mint
22024 Heather Mauve
22026 Crystal Blue

Colors may be affected by bleach or detergent over time.
Colors may be affected by excessive friction. It is recommended these beads be sprayed with Krylon Acrylic Crystal clear spray if used for jewelry.
Colors may fade by sun.


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